January 6, 2013

Speed and Agility

by Laurel Egan
According to HubSpot in order to stay in the game we need to think smarter and act faster . Duh! Like that's news to us! We've been told that over and over again, and well, there's only so many times one can improve speed and agility before peaking. Yep. Face it the old cliche is true, you simply can't do it all or keep up with it all! Just hold on a minute though, before dismissing it entirely. It actually is good advice. What they are and I have been talking about is utilizing tools.
So how do you keep up? Add more management tools, provided they offer value. Here are a few that may help you:

1. Use notes (not the sticky kind) - Evernote, iPhone notes, Voice recording programs for all smart phones or simply a handheld one. Every time you have a valuable thought record it. David Allen wrote the book on this one, literally! It's called, Getting Things Done or GTD. It's well worth the read and is available at Amazon or check his Google presentation out on YouTube
2. Document scanners (not your basic kind) but one like NeatDesk or NeatReceipts that will scan anything from BCards, to receipts to doc.s and file them correctly. Huge time saver!
3. File sharing - DropBox is excellent (it's what we use), Google Doc's
4. Project management for keeping track of the process of ideas and projects collaboratively - Basecamp is invaluable
5. Emails or newsletters for staying in touch (of course) but more for developing, tracking, and growing  a loyal customer base - Constant Contact (for smaller volume) or SendGrid (for larger volume)
6. SEO (search engine optimization) and social media - HubSpot they're excellent

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