April 18, 2012

Are You Loosing by Default?

I hope the cute bird and my
constant badgering, I mean,
words of encouragement help.
How can you beat the competition if you're not showing up to compete. Or maybe you're just not competing on the same level - no skin in the game. If you're not committed to winning guests will continue making choices based on accessible information. And in this competitive market if your presence isn't visible you're handing your competitors the win. I get that it takes time and effort to be the winning team, but it's true, you can't win if you don't play. Ask yourself, Are they better than you? If not, it's a shame guests can't find you. Do they have more resources? If they're participating and you're not, it could explain why they have more resources - they're getting more customers. Remember, in your absence all they have to do is show up. I implore you to consider making a concerted effort to participate. Otherwise, you're loosing customers by default; handing your guests over. Ouch!
Have you Tweeted today? Posted, Pinned, Tumbled, Tubed, or Stumbled today? All the links to get started are right here, pick one and enjoy.
Come on - get some skin in the game. Just do it!

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