December 25, 2009


One last thing before the holidays are over.  It occurred to me this morning that I hadn't taken the time to be thankful as is customary this time of year.  It has been a tough year for thankfulness for everyone in this economy but it has been a particularly tough year for my family.  I guess you could say I have good reason to be bah humbug!  I've even blogged about it.  Without going into it again let's just say that in 2009 I've had more than my share a heartache.  Frankly I've been feeling that I'm only thankful this year is coming to an end.  This morning however, I decided to look beyond my bah humbug mood (better late than never) and ask myself if there is anything I should be thankful for?  The answer is of course YES and I have to admit I felt a tad like Ebenezer on Christmas morning!
Although sadly, there will be no more holidays reminiscent of childhood at my parents house there will be other new and joyous celebrations and, as my cousin Tom so eloquently reminded us, priceless memories.  So although I am sad I am also thankful.  I'm thankful for for my husband and daughter, for family and friends, thankful for work and health, thankful for being able to do what I love for a living and thankful for everyone who's supported my blog's beginning!

I hope as you travel this holiday season you will have a safe and wonderful journey.  I'm looking forward to the coming year and hope that it brings you much joy!


Katie said...
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Katie said...

Merry Belated Christmas Aunt Laurie!! lol love you and I can't wait to see the finished site :)