December 7, 2009

A Great Find

Every now and then through mishap or circumstance you stumble on something rare and special. As in the case of this gem. We were on a trip in upstate New York visiting the in-laws when we decided to take a couple days to explore part of the nearby Adirondacks. We had no plan just drive until we spotted something interesting. It is one of my favorite things to do and I love that my husband enjoys this too. It doesn't always work out but taking a chance can often yield a great find. In this case while driving through Keene, NY a hand made furniture store caught my eye. Keene is about as big as a postage stamp. It's one of those 'if you sneeze you'll miss it' places so we were at least a mile up the narrow road when I decided I really wanted to check the store out.
Dartbrook Rustic Goods has really beautiful furniture and after an hour of seriously wishing I had a lodge to furnish reality struck.  It was time to move along before husband and child decided to abandon me. Before we left though I had to ask if they would recommend a place to stay.  I just knew that these artisans would know of a really special place. "Funny you should ask," they said, "there's a great place just behind the store," which it just so happens they designed and own.  Had we not stopped and asked we would have totally missed Dartbrook Lodge.  I think the photographs speak volumes and also give you just a hint at what the furniture store holds.
From its shingle siding made of tree bark to its hand made furniture it is both whimsy and fine craftsmanship. Dartbrook Lodge is definitively rustic Adirondack. It blends with nature like no other but does not denote roughing it. The bed was very comfy (the kind you could spend all day in) and I love small touches like the handmade soaps in the shower. Dartbrook Lodge is simple and sumptuous and oh so peaceful. I love well planned trips but I love, perhaps even more, what's hidden just around the bend.

Adirondack Park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States, greater in size than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon National Parks combined.  It has the unique distinction of being a harmonious mixture of public and private land and is brimming with early American history.  It's a place where we have learned from environmental mistakes and have lived to see them rectified.  Many prominent families from US history have spent a great deal of time in these old mountains and I can certainly understand why.  It is a beautiful part of this country.  I hope to go back one day.  There is just so much more of the Adirondacks I want to explore.

Not to far from the lodge is High Falls Gorge with its scenic trail (pictured here). Its well worth the easy hike and it is just one of the many beautiful spots throughout the park. If you're lucky you just might find a gem or two of your own.


Unknown said...

This was a wonderful trip not having any idea where we are going or where we might end up is the best.

Unknown said...

How lovely Laurel,

I remember driving around those mountains as a kid. I never truly appreciated their beauty then and I do now.

maria said...

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the north country, my country. There's snow on the ground now and they tell me the skiing is great. The Adirondacks missed the last major storm completely. The roads, for the most part are kept well cleared and salted so travel in the winter is not out of the question. Lake George has many winter ativities.