December 18, 2012

How Travelers Pick a Hotel

Southwest Florida
I can't believe how many times I come across websites for great places to stay with little or no descriptive or visual reference to what there is to see and do in the area, as if people pick hotels for the sake of seeing hotels. No matter how high the thread count of your sheets, no matter the quality of your down, or how perfect your decor, it is almost always secondary to your surroundings. 

It's what's on the outside that counts!

St. Augustine, FL
Want to seal the guest deal? Impress potential guests with your connection to your area. Show them your "out" fits their ideal. Your rooms may be the most magnificent, but guests could buy 300 thread count sheets and down comforters and stay home for the price of a couple nights stay. What makes them desire to sleep in your sheets is the setting or proximity to things they want to see and do. 
Of course they've researched the area, but dazzle them with your love of your surroundings or entice them by enhancing their perception of the area with your knowledge. Show off your best inside and out so guests know your the place and the people they want to help make their trip extraordinary. They'll pick you for your desire to enhance their stay through attention to every detail!
Tarpon Lodge view of Matlacha Pass, Pine Island, FL

Things to do in Tallahassee, FL - Maclay Gardens

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