March 24, 2012

Times a Wastin'!

Even "Occupying" wouldn't be as successful without the Internet

This post is for the remaining holdouts, doubters, naysayers and laggers. My apologies to the rest of you, but for those of you who are still skeptical about the value of internet marketing or about the use of social media for the purpose of promoting your business, open your eyes! I challenge you to stand in the middle of an office building lobby, an airport terminal or even the street and look around for a couple minutes. What are most people doing? The proof is all around you! I'm pretty certain your phone will ring while you're doing this. Technology and it's uses have become a constant in our lives.

While it's true social media has many faddish tendency, it's also a serious tool for communication. Given the Internet's sheer size there are bound to be experimental uses and fad products, but the good stuff, the powerful useful stuff, floats to the top pretty quickly. And unlike the boom box, mesh shirts and vampire diaries the internet and social media "fads" have staying power. Of course some of it will fade away, but it evolves, adapts and improves constantly. Going away? I think not. More to the point, even if it were true that one day it will all fade away, why wouldn't you take advantage of a good thing while it lasts? WAKE UP!

Internet marketing and social medial marketing are powerful networking tools.

Nothing beats word of mouth, except viral word of mouth - social media. The most common motivation for sharing something is because you think your friends will like it. When you offer that great product (or deal), or provide great service social media will spread your brand naturally. That's you relying on your customers to be your marketeers. Being public about your successes and sometimes your struggles, even the one's that are the result of putting out a fire, means your customers will know you're engaged and listening.
Internet marketing is about spreading the word - who and where you are. What you have to offer that they won't find elsewhere. That also applies to chains because the focus then is on your location and knowing they're getting brand name service and reliability by staying with you while visiting the area. If you are their preferred lodging, you clearly provide their home away from home. You can use social media and the Internet to promote that and your location.

I heard last week, "There's just one of me and I can't do it all." My answer? Drop something else. Do this. I now challenge you to post on Facebook and Tweet once a day. If your customers are doing it on your behalf, ‘What the heck, it’s just one click,’ why aren't you? What the heck, it's just 140 characters. 

Get out there. Your guests are waiting. 

Sign up for because they can't click if they can't find you! 

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