July 17, 2011

¸.•*¨*•*¨•*¨*•*¨A Little More Tennessee

It's hard to believe we were just here a few short months ago and up to our knees in snow. Now transformed it runs down the mountain melodically - every rock a note to play. Out of shape, like most tourists and wearing the wrong shoes, you hike feeling the altitude fight you all the way but, every trail turn beckons you further and every view is restorative. You keep going knowing that the next one may be more spectacular, the next stream more powerfully beautiful or that in the next tree you may behold a slumbering bear.
Here is our Tennessee story as only pictures can tell.•*¨*•*¨

Lastly, I hope this encourages you to visit Tennessee. It's truly beautiful. And if you are lucky enough to experience it with friends and family I have evidence it can be truly wonderful!

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