May 30, 2011

Aligning the Planets: Part 1-Georgia

I'm sensing a pattern here -
good friends, good food and wine
(and grape juice for some)
Just when you think I've dropped off the edge of the world I re-emerge. This blogging stuff is hard when you're trying to juggle a business and a preteen. O.k., I admit managing the preteen is hardest. Especially one that's proclaimed her preteen status since the age of nine. Yes, I hear the tiny violins. At least my friends who know her understand that she may rule the world one day and pick my retirement home.

Spring Break Road Trip
Looking back I realize it was crazy to think we could pull off this trip. Spring Break is nearly impossible to navigate with friends and family. If you're a parent, you know that each year it's on different dates and no two counties, let alone states, are likely to share the same time frame. Attempting to include others in your plans is like waiting for the planets to align. We were determined though, and our determination paid off. The trip turned out spectacular! It spanned Georgia and Tennessee and included numerous stops to see old friends and old familiar places.

Part 1 - Georgia
My Great Great Aunt and Uncle lived in Georgia for most of their life together and so my cousin, Holly (my Great Great Aunt's grandchild), and I set the beginning path of our journey down memory lane in Georgia.
Beauty beyond measure.
My Aunt, Mama Mary as she was known, lived to see 101 and for many of her days she lived in the heart of Georgia on her pecan farm. She and my grandmother were the matriarchs of our family and although a generation apart they were best friends. Our large family was close so family gatherings were a regular occurrence of our childhood. Of all the things I admired about Mama Mary it was her wit and true grit I admired most. I have no doubt that life on the farm was hard but you would never have heard that from her at least not in a way that seemed like complaining. Our ancestors, the ones I hold so dear, had the ability to tell about their lives in a way that made their stories seem like music to a young child. To this day, even though they suffered hardships unimaginable to me, I rarely think of their stories as sad but vividly remember them as marvelous tales filled with melodious, infectious laughter. So it was with love and reverence that I visited this place.

Although travelers don't often hear about the heart of Georgia I wanted to give you a glimpse of it's subtle beauty. I think you'll agree even Monet would have loved this place. Mary sure did.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very beautiful! I don't think I've ever been to Georgia, through maybe, but not to Georgia. I think I might have to reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Your right, Monet would have loved it!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Georgia and although it may not compete with the Seven Wonders it has its moments. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Cool flowers