July 30, 2010


Please, please, please forgive my absence.  I recently had surgery and a few other things going on in my life and, well, I've been a little crabby.  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I certainly hope that's true in this case.  

Although I haven't been running around the state too much of late I do have some things to report.
Punta Gorda, FL is one of my favorite little towns.  Lucky for me, it is right up the street. The little town has begun to really blossom from an unknown retirement community to a pleasant destination. Sitting on the lower side of Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda offers great fishing and boating and an old Florida downtown historic district with shopping and restaurants.
On my way home from many other locations and I've grown accustomed to visiting Laishley Crab House when cooking is not in the cards. It is the perfect end to a long trip and it is minutes from I-75. The food is good, the atmosphere is pleasant and the view is great! I'm very fond of their sushi. So much so that I haven't actually tried any of their crab dishes. I've had their Grouper Rueben Sandwich (if you've never had one it is a must try) and their She Crab Soup (also very good) but I'm a huge fan of sushi and their's has been irresistible. Incidentally sushi isn't all that common at seafood restaurants so it's a pleasant menu choice.

There's lots to explore in Punta Gorda if you've never been.  It's a great place to visit if you're hitting Florida's southwest coast.  Definitely stop at Laishley's Crab House and help me figure out how they got the "truck bar" onto the second story.  Asking would be just too easy!

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