June 6, 2010

Florida – A great Place to Metamorphosize

Sometimes what we need most in life is to escape from it or reinvent ourselves.  Whether it's the stress of work or home or just too much routine we all really need a break from time to time.  Finding that escape isn't always easy especially in this economy.  But there are ways to grab a little bit of time without blowing the budget.  It may be somewhat cliche to say, look in your own back yard, but it is something we often overlook.  A bike ride or hike on a long since forgotten path, a picnic at the beach, snorkeling or a walk in a nearby park. All the things we've let slip away or find have been left rusting.
We're so busy looking for ways to reach that pinnacle of escapes we forget to nourish the soul along the way.  Having a child reminds me, thank God, that these are necessary things.  My daughter and I recently made time to visit one of my most favorite soul replenishing spots – Butterfly World.  She had a vague recollection of the park, but it had been so long I'm not certain those weren't from pictures.  I think she was five or six the last time we went and she is now in double digits.  Located in Coconut Creek, Florida, this place has a certain magic to it.   While it may not completely recharge your batteries it does provide for soothing reflection or momentary escape.
We loose track of time when we're here which is exactly what we didn't know we needed and on this trip my greatest discovery wasn't some exotic species but that a little part of me was growing inside my daughter.  She has developed an interest in my hobby, photography.

When I'm taking photographs I feel lost in the moment and we all know how important that can be.  Many times my husband and daughter have said, "Can we go yet?" Only then do I realize it's been a couple or more hours.  Whatever your passion is don't forget to make time for it and nourish your soul.

Several cities in Florida have great butterfly Gardens:
Gainsville: FL Museum of Natural History-Butterfly Rainforest
Ft Myers: The Butterfly Estates
Coconut Creek: Butterfly World

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Katie said...

I love your pictures! They make me want to go to Florida again so bad!! lol