May 11, 2010

Yasou! - Taverna Opa Restaurant in Florida

photo defines opa as "a word that greek people use for no apparent reason at all; a jubilant expression of emotion of or during celebration" and that is just what Taverna Opa Restaurant is. It's hard to put into words your first impression. Once you manage to take in the belly dancers, table top dancing patrons, flying napkins and exotic drinks, wildly entertaining is all that comes to mind!  Let's just say you'll understand live entertainment in a whole new way!
If you're looking for intimate or don't like rubbing elbows with your neighbors this is not the restaurant, but for a whole new kind of experience Taverna Opa Restaurant is worth the trip. Although the food looks great, food is not really the reason you come here, and after 11PM it's 21 years and older only!  I recommend you go early, get dinner out of the way and then stick around for the entertainment.  In the light of day this place must look like a frat house after a kegger, but oh, when the lights are low in the evening, it's just pure "OPA!"

The owner, Peter Tsialiamanis, envisioned a restaurant that embodied the Greek spirit of Opa by creating a gathering place to celebrate life with food, drink, music, family and friends. I think he nailed it! The Hollywood Taverna Opa Restaurant is the original but there are now six other Florida locations, South Beach, Dolphin Mall (coming soon), Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Orlando.


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