March 24, 2013

Labor of Love

Remember what it felt like when you started the project? When you purchased the space? When you first had the idea? How it filled you with joy, wonder and ideas.

With the economy the way it is today it's difficult to remember those days.

  • Perhaps you're struggling to keep things going. 
  • Perhaps you're feeling the effects of your regulars being less regular and more frugal. 
  • Perhaps you're having to cut corners or staff. 

Now is the time to turn it around; to break the hold the economy has over you; to tap into that feeling you had when it was a labor of love. To find it within yourself.

Like swinging on musical swings, it's time to feel giddy again.
The following is inspirational. A true labor of love. Listening may just allow you to find your joy again.

Created by Daily Tous Les Jours
Musical Light Swings
on the Streets of Montreal

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