November 11, 2012

Step Outside Your Box

Cudos to Boost Creative. This sponsorship advertisement at the Everblades Hockey Arena in SW Florida is the best marketing campaign I've seen in a long while. Of course it pays to be creative, but it really pays to be a wee bit crazy. Imagine if it had been your company name under those legs. The Ad's been featured on the local news and at least every quarter on the Jumbotron. According to the local media anytime the opposing team sees it on the screen they loose focus and attempt to squirm out of the picture. Boost got television coverage without paying a dime - impressive! I'd hire this creative team in a heartbeat! Marketing is all about getting their attention first...then closing the deal. Boost nailed it with this one. I'd say they easily recouped 10X their investment value. When interviewed they indicated this campaign will run for a while with varying images. Can't wait to see what's next. Oh, the places they could go.

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