November 28, 2012

Build a more flamboyant mouse trap.

If you're not watching TED you should be.
TED or TED Talk is about 'Ideas Worth Sharing' I am.
This marketing video is simple and to the point. Seth Godin's message is straight forward and really needs no introduction, but here's a snippet:
"For the first 15 years after sliced bread was available no one bought it; no one knew about it; it was a complete and total failure. And the reason is that until Wonder came along and figured out how to spread the idea of sliced bread, no one wanted it. That the success of sliced bread, like the success of almost everything we've been talking about at this conference, is not always about what the patent is like, or what the factory is like -- it's about can you get your idea to spread, or not. And I think that the way you're going to get what you want, or cause the change that you want to change, to happen, is that you've got to figure out a way to get your ideas to spread."

Now watch the video.

As a matter of fact 
the world does 
revolve around me. 
Me, me, me, me, meeee!

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