September 25, 2012

What makes social media so hard to grasp?

We've all asked ourselves this question when trying to figure out, Is it worth my time investment? As what we do on social media has become increasingly simplified - a 140 character tweet, a picture post, a check in - navigating it has become quite the opposite. We're left wondering, Where is this all going? What's in it for me? Am I ever going to get it? The Internet and it's ever developing uses are coming at us at warp speed demanding us to keep up. While what we do seems so simple, how we do it is increasingly complex, so much so, there are thousands of people strategizing and writing about "how to".
Jeremy Victor of B2Bbloggers states in his most recent post on teaching the ins and outs of Twitter to clients,  ”Pretty quickly you realize you are almost speaking a foreign language, and there are several things that need to be learned for someone to really grasp the basics of Twitter." Say what? It's a 140 character blip for heaven's sake! How did writing a 140 character tweet, something intended to be so simple, become so complicated? We can attribute this to those who constantly find ways to utilize what's trendy and hot to our advantage. They are both our curse and our delight.
Let's face it, anything new seems a burden when trying to adapt to the now ever changing definition of marketing. Thanks to the internet, marketing these days is like living with a shape shifter from some SyFy channel only for us it's real life not fantasy. Just when you think you've got a grasp on the newest marketing trend it shifts. This shape shifting becomes quite annoying very quickly! The good and bad news is there's little chance of it slowing down. The new marketing will keep popping up in even newer venues. Take deep breaths. Tackle one at a time. As long as the trends are still useful it's o.k. to be a little behind the curve. Most important - utilize available resources. Take Twitter for instance, thankfully, Jeremy is tackling it in his next few posts. Help is available. You can do this.

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