May 13, 2012


MacCallum House Inn, Mendocino, CA

Figueroa Hotel, LA, CA
Bottega Louie
An artist inspires us through their craft. They have a gift that touches us deeply. Most of us yearn for such talent, but have long since given up on the hope that we possess it. Creativity isn't all or nothing though, it comes in degrees and really isn't always complex. 
I tip my hat today to those who have the courage to dream; to open a Bed and Breakfast, an Inn, a unique hotel or a wonderful restaurant. Those who make where we stay as much of a part of our exploration as the location. Those who love architecture and craftsmanship, old buildings, gingerbread and corbels or steel and glass. To those who mamma's baking or father's recipes inspired them to tirelessly bake, whisk and roast.
Although, they may not be competing with the Michelangelos or Julia Childs of the world, their creative spirit has inspired us. What ultimately matters is how we use what talent we have.
Here's to the one's who make bread taste like angels baked it, the ones who create a garden Monet would be proud to paint, the ones who turn dilapidated old houses back into Victorian Era monuments or old buildings into modern wonders.
Morada Bay Waterfront Dining, Islamorada, FL
Herlong Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Micanopy, FL
Bottega Louie, Los Angeles, CA

Dartbrook Lodge, Keene, NY

Cap's on the Water, St. Augustine, FL

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