November 17, 2011


Okay, so I told you about the Sarasota Chalk Art Festival (it was wonderful) and the American Sandsculpting Championship (also, wonderful) but think BIGGER! Really BIG! AMAZING really describes how great I think this next event will be.
Fort Myers Beach is hosting the World Championship of Sand Sculpting (Solo Division) November 17-27. If you like this kind of thing at all you have to go! Bring the family or your friends because of course you'll want to share the experience but, if you have to go alone. They'll get what they've missed once they've seen your smart phone photos. This event is not to be missed! And if my intel is correct it has only been hosted in the United States twice. 
Although there are bigger, more easily accessible beaches along Florida's vast shoreline we apparently have really great sand! I've always thought of beach sand as something I had to cross barefoot (at times as if walking across hot burning coals) to get to the good part, the water, but in the last few years I've had to change my mind. Sand isn't just that stuff you can't keep off your blanket or that you can never completely get out of your swimsuit. It's art!

2010 World Solo Sand Sculpting Champion, Thomas Koet

In it's 25th year the World Championship attracts sculptors from places like Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Lativa, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, Canada and the United States. And starting this week they are all competing for the "WORLD TITLE" on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. 
If you don't think these folks are true artists you couldn't be more wrong. One glimpse of the winning work from 2010 will convince you otherwise and a further glance will leave you hooked. Putting this much dedication into something so temporary undoubtedly means you are truly passionate and dedication to your craft. Someone put it like this, they're sand surgeons. Interestingly enough, many of these artists have trained in other fields that are far afield of sculpting.  And this work is not for wimps. You definitely have to be in great physical shape to shovel then mold the massive piles of sand into sculpture. But don't take my word for it - see for yourself!
One last thing take the trolley from Lover's Key to get to the event. You may still be stuck in the long traffic line to get in but at least you won't be part of the problem and you'll avoid the $5-$10 parking fee. I promise it is well worth the trip! 
If you want to see more photographs from 2010 check out the Worldsfans Facebook page photo album.

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