November 11, 2010

Time in a bottle . . .

This is one of those moments when pitching a new find won't yield anybody income. Let's face it a lot of what I blog about helps you discover destinations, ultimately giving those destination exposure. That's great, because we want those places to thrive, but this blog is truly intended to be about making the most of the journey - the whole journey. It means inspiring you to do more exploration. Purposeful divergence from point A to point B rigidity, from scheduling and time constraints. In other words permission to alter the plan and just go for it. Let the relatives whine occasionally when you show up late. It's o.k. and you don't have to get to the hotel at any certain time. They have late check in and late check out. 
I encourage you to find out what it is for you that would cause you to shift and get lost in the moment. The moments where you focus on the most incidental occurrences as if you're in a trace. I came across some pictures this morning that I took a little over a years ago. Every time I look at them I get this feeling; an "in the zone" kind of feeling. When I find a place I want to explore time does not seem to matter. It could be a butterfly garden, a collectibles shop or a New Orleans cemetery but I know it because that feeling washes over me. I absolutely crave those moments and for me they often involve a camera. Hopefully, this happens for you in some form or another. It can be as simple as watching children play in the sprinkler 'till well after dinner time or circling around to watch the dolphins jump in the boat wake for the twentieth time or the way light filters through blue glass in the window of a curio shop. So stop, indulge yourself or someone you're with on a whim and if you are so inclined share your journey with me.  Here is one of mine, one of many.

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