March 1, 2010

Road Trip - Day 3

Northwest Florida was supposed to be cold today, really cold, but lucky for me it's around 50-60 degrees and sunny. Let's hope it holds.
This area, Florida's Panhandle, has special meaning for me because it's where my parents lived out the rest of their days.  They moved here to escape the congestion of SE Florida and my brothers and I and our families have some great memories from here.  It's hard to be here knowing that there will be no more family gatherings with the kids, grandma and grandpa but it is good to remember.
So, my day started out pretty low key. I slept in then visited with my uncle and finally headed out exploring in the early afternoon.  Between Carrabelle where I stayed and Apalachicola there isn't much except coastal residences until you get to Eastpoint. What was presumably a tiny thriving fishing village seems all dried up and on the verge of blowing away.  Sad to see so much of this these days but these people have been fishing and oyster gathering for generations and perhaps they'll survive this round too.

I spent what was left of the day just across the bridge from Eastpoint in Apalachicola revisiting the sights and smells of this great little town.  It has survived better than most and has a small downtown with a couple great shops, a beautiful Victorian hotel, The Gibson Inn, and some inspiring restaurants.   I started out at the pier where the shrimp boats dock meandered down streets then wandered into The Oasis bar.  This town is a great picture story.  I love the colors and the textures and the old buildings.

I ended my day at the historic Owl Cafe where I feasted on a delicious blue cheese crumbled salad, baked bread and wonderful jambalaya.  This place is not to be missed!

On the way home with just barely enough light I shot this boat.  The perfect end to a great day.


Bob Brounley said...

It's so easy to forget, not only how beautiful the world is, but how beautiful a place down the road might be. Your photos make me excited to wander!

Katie said...

I love that sunset picture! Hope we can visit again soon :)

Unknown said...

Brounley, will we be too old to wander after we get Cary through college? Or will we just be too worn out to wander very far?