February 14, 2010

Soaking It Up!

It's the perfect day for a warm soak in the jacuzzi tub.  The bubbles are ready and the temperature is perfect.  It's a day for sleeping late and indulgence, right?  A day when the only decision I need make is mimosa or hot tea,  rose petals or chocolate treat?  Yeah, right!  There will be no bubble bath for me . . . because the big, warm, bubbly mixture is overflowing with children!  I'd tell you I'm off on a romantic get away with my husband but we're lucky if we see each other every other weekend right now.  Between out of town work schedules, our child's activities, the dogs surgery (he won't be celebrating any Valentine's Days with offspring), the new business and . . . well . . . honestly, I can't complain.  I miss my husband but not just today and in this economy we are happy to have the work.  Today really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and we will have many other days to celebrate.
Although I love a good soak I find the bubble bearded children's laughter more delightful!  Would I choose to be at a theme park over a romantic get away?  Depends on when you ask.  So my wish for you is that you are making as much of this day as you'd like but as little of it as it really means.   I hope your day is filled with laughter and hope for the future and that it carries forward into the rest of your days.
Oh and a little fun and frivolity never hurts!
The real reason I married this man! 
Love and miss you, Rob. xxxooo


Anonymous said...

Happy to be sharing this Valentine's with you and Morgan. At least we have the vino and the idea of a hot tub with bubbles on Valentine's Day. The Sunset is Up and we are ready to hit the parks. Magic Kingdom here we come. Today is a 2-stroller day!

Anonymous said...

I miss u too
Love Rob