January 10, 2010

Call It Trip-tophan

Yes, I do know how to spell tryptophan (I looked it up) but I couldn't help myself - it was just too obvious.  It's been 10 days since my last post.  You have my apologies.  I've been a little under the weather (a head cold) and it is flippin' freezing here! Yes, I can hear the roaring laughter from the North once again!  What that has to do with my not blogging I'm now trying to invent.  I've been spending my time huddled under a blanket on the couch eating thawed and microwaved (to cold to drive to the store) Christmas leftovers (thus the tryptophan) instead of out exploring and blogging about it.  Seriously - snow flurries in ORLANDO!  We are NOT use to this!  The stores have sold out of firewood and I'm thinking of burning my keyboard instead in the fireplace I don't have.  I won't tell you to cancel your Florida travel plans (the rule is if you're having bad weather in Florida wait 5 minutes and it will change) however, I do feel for those of you (Uncle Sam and Aunt Lois) who are already here trying to escape the cold.  Want to borrow some sweaters?  I think you may have to wait more than 5 minutes, more likely, a few days this time.  My husband is four hours southeast of here in the Florida Keys where it is not so cold.  I believe he said last night he was a little chilly outside while cooking sausages on the grill (more northern laughter).  I don't ever feel sorry for him since he is from upstate NY (he claims his blood has thinned).  Me, I have fourth generation Floridian blood in my veins!  I'm the one asking the dog last night if he could hold it until morning!  He wasn't having any of that or my next suggestion either - the cat litter box.  I could actually see my breath out there!  Violins please!  Anyone care to knit me some gloves with just the fingertips exposed so I can type?  O.K., I'll stop before I provoke hate mail!
I did have a wonderful hot breakfast this morning (see picture).  But I can't actually direct you to this wonderful destination.  The Starbucks mug is a bit deceptive but they don't actually serve anything this glorious there.  My 11 year old daughter made me breakfast this morning and although she would gladly cook for you (providing you were willing to clean up) I would hate for you to see the dishes and piles of laundry I've been neglecting just outside the edges of this pictures frame.
Alas, you will have to wait until my next post for more glorious eateries but please check out my new "Insider's Picks" in the left column.  Thanks for your patience and stay warm!

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regan said...

Hey! It's bloody cold in the keys too!